people and organizations across the state, working together as ONE Tennessee

Together, we promote better health and safety through safe and effective management of pain and substance use disorders.


In 2017, the Tennessee Department of Health convened leaders from throughout the state for the “Turning the Tide on the Opioid Epidemic” summit. During the summit, participants identified four areas of focus to address gaps: 
1) Reducing opioid use in emergency departments 
2) Reducing opioid use in perioperative settings 
3) Engage clinicians to adopt recommended clinical guidelines  
4) Inform patients about risks and appropriate use of prescribed opioids

ONE Tennessee was established in 2018 as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization chartered in Tennessee, charged with facilitating collaboration among organizations, health care providers and others to promote patient safety and better health through education about safe management of pain and opioid therapy.

We are committed to savings lives, preventing and treating substance use disorder, and promoting wellness for the people in Tennessee.



Liesa Jo Jenkins, Executive Director          Ron Evans, Business Manager


David Reagan, Chair         David Collier, Secretary      Katherine Peters, Treasurer     

Ed Capparelli    Brent Culberson    Teronya Holmes

Adrienne Nordman  Robert Pack   Samuel Pieh

Jennifer Putnam   Anthony Pudlo   Mary Linden Salter  Stephanie Strutner     

Libby Thurman   Lindsey Vawter     Alexis Weber    Jessica Young